A Grounding Meditation for Challenging Times

Hi everyone.

This is Hagit Zeev from Neshima Healing.

This is a confusing time right now, huh? I’m confused.

There’s so much noise. So many things going on. Instead of focusing outside of us, lets focus inside of us. Let’s take a moment to meditate.

You can watch the above guided meditation. Or, you can just close your eyes and meditate on your own.

Take a moment.

Sit comfortably.

Close your eyes right now and notice your feet touching the chair or the floor.

Notice the ground under your feet.

Feel how solid it is.

As you get started, notice your thoughts, emotions, sensations, and notice also which thoughts weaken you and which thoughts actually strengthen you. That can be really interesting during this meditation.

Now move your focus to your behinds. Notice yourself sitting on a chair and let the chair support you. Feel the support from within. Now move your awareness to your back.

Notice how your back gets support from the chair right now.

Trust the chair.

It will give you support.

Feel at ease.

Move your attention now to your hands. Notice the posture of your hands. Check if your hands are hot or cold. Feel them from inside.

I want to invite you to move your attention to your breath.

Breathe in and breathe out. Notice the sensation of breath in your nostrils, in and out. With every inhale, take in fresh air. Every exhale, release stress. You can always go back to the breath when you’re stressed. Your breath is an anchor.

Take a moment to offer a prayer. May the people of this world feel healthy and be healthy. Feel this prayer from within. Feel how we’re all in it right now in these times, all our worry.

Open your eyes slowly and bring yourself back. I wish you to take this meditation to everything you do today.

Bye for now.

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