Neshima Healing is located amidst the tranquility of the Los Altos Hills in California. It is a nurturing space created by Hagit Zeev (LMFT), a psychotherapist specializing in mind-body-spirit wellbeing. Neshima means ‘Breath’ in Hebrew, and it is the essence of this word that Neshima Healing embodies and brings into clients' lives.

Hagit uses her knowledge and experience to create a safe and supportive place, where people can restore the relationship with themselves, their family and others, enhancing balance and harmony. During private one-on-one meetings, and in group settings, tools are provided for clients to use in a multitude of frameworks, both within and without the home, school and work environments.

Let go of anxiety, stress and difficult emotions; gain strength; become more grounded; experience a sense of inner comfort; reconnect with your calm, caring, curious and loving self; Meet like-minded women; and reap the reinforcing benefits of being part of a kindred tribe.

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We are honored that our work is of value to our clients
"I feel much gratitude for Hagit Zeev for an amazing journey into the meditation and mindfulness experience. In a cozy room, with calm and relaxed atmosphere, we gathered every week to experience a new way to meditate. From breathing, through body scan and compassion, I learned how to meditate to the best way that fits me. It gave me ways to find more balance in me day-to-day life. I find that I’m more relaxed and in-control of my self.
Thank you Hagit”
- Michelle B.

“The Mindfulness course changed my life. I learned to accept my emotions, and now I don’t get so angry and irritated anymore. I feel lightness. Thank you so much!!”
- Anna S.
"When I arrived to Hagit’s studio, I understood right away that I arrived to a containing place where I can shed my worries and business and find my sacred space. Hagit, a women that is all heart, gave me and the other women, a sense of belonging from the first meeting. Calmly and with a smile, she led us to a journey. A journey where we found our calmness and the ability to find inside all that we need. She also gave us tools to implement in our day to day life. I don’t have words to describe the gifts I received in that course. Hagit Knows so much about the spirit and the soul and the group’s journey enabled me to open up and receive. To arrive to this place of authenticity is a true gift. Thanks Hagit!”
- Evalyn M.