Centering yourself in the midst of Coronavirus

Hi. I’m Hagit Zeev from Neshima Healing.

There’s so much noise in the news right now, and it’s so overwhelming for many people. A lot of questions are up in the air. What should I do – and how? How long – and, will I be safe?

Yes, it is stressful, but after many years in the psychology field, I can tell you that being stressed weakens our immune system. It makes us more susceptible to any virus.

The question becomes, “what should I do?” Personally, I begin by centering myself every day.

Now that Spring has begun, I like to get out in the sun and meditate. Breathing. Feeling the fresh air in my body. I want to take the time and notice the different parts in my Self.

I want to notice the parts that are stressed, the parts that are worried, the parts that want to run away, the parts that are confused, the parts that may be trying to control the situation. I’ll also notice the parts that are happy — the parts are here and now.

Take a breath.

I stop and notice all those parts and understand that inside myself, there’s a place that is not a part. It’s a place that’s expanded. A place that is not confused; rather, it’s clear and courageous.

By working with my parts, by asking, by noticing them, by listening to them, I get to be actually more expanded right now. So welcome all your parts by listening to them.

I’ll be here if you want to share something with me. Bye for now.

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