A message for everyone having a hard time


Hello. I’m Hagit Zeev from Neshima Healing.

So many people around me are having a hard time lately.

If we look at it from an IFS psychotherapy perspective, we are blended. We can’t see our true Self and we mistake to believe that we are a part of ourselves.

For example, we can be blended with a controlling place – that needs to control our experience in order to feel in charge. Or we are blended with a place of ourselves that wants success thinking that if I succeed in work I will be happy.

If you look at it with Mindfulness eyes, we believe that we are our thoughts or our emotions.

The way to work on this mindfully is to notice. Just let it be.

Invite that thought or emotion instead of pushing it away or ignoring it.

Say Hi to it. Get to know it.

If you run away from it – you repress a part of yourself and it will keep on showing up in different ways.
you want to get to know your system in order to make a change in your reactions.

Don’t be afraid of it. it’s just a part of you. not all you are.

And, whatever you choose to do … please please please, don’t forget to breathe.

~Hagit Zeev, LMFT

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