Hagit’s Mindfulness Tips – the STOP Technique

Hi everyone.
This is Hagit Zeev from Neshima Healing.

‘Mindfulness’ refers to a state of being where one is fully aware of what is happening in the present moment, without judgment.

It’s only here – in the now – that we can be happy, free, and enjoy the little things in life.

A mindfulness practice is incredibly beneficial to reduce anxiety and improve your work, relationships, an everything you do in life. In the video above, I walk you through one of my favorite mindfulness tips.

Use the S.T.O.P. Mindfulness Technique

During the day, as often as possible, take a break to observe your thoughts and emotions. One powerful mindfulness tool you can use is the STOP acronym.

S top

T ake a breath

O bserve your thoughts and emotions

P roceed.

Try it out and let me know how it goes. And, whatever you choose to do, always remember to breathe.

Bye for now.

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