Hagit’s approach is a mind-body-spirit psychotherapy. She practices Internal Family Systems (IFS)—a technique that assists people in their healing process by teaching them how to listen to themselves in a new way. By giving voice to feelings, sensations and thoughts, they unburden themselves of extreme beliefs, emotions, sensations and urges, that may have been the cause of blockages in their lives. As clarity is gained, and the true Self becomes more accessible, clients become increasingly able to move forward, from a more centered, confident, and compassionate place.

Sessions are client led. This means that the client decides what is important for them to focus on during the session, while they are guided them in exploring themes that may surface. This method inspires curiosity and perceptivity towards thoughts and feelings.

By understanding the holistic connection between mind, body and spirit, clients learn to reduce anxiety; shift away from limiting patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors; heal wounds; accept themselves in a more encompassing way, thereby cultivating a healthier self-image, which subsequently makes it easier to care for one’s health and wellbeing; establish healthy boundaries with others, both personally and professionally; and feel more empowered, driven and focused.

Clients testify that sessions allow them to gain insight and clarity, facilitating more conscious decision-making, and enable them to explore multifaceted aspects of themselves and understand the root causes of their stress, anxiety, depression, anger, grief and other complex emotions, in a safe environment. As a result, they are able to heal from past wounds, rediscover who they truly are, find their true calling, and reduce and anxiety.

Hagit offers sessions for individuals and for couples. Some seek guidance for only a few sessions, while others prefer a more structured framework with meetings on an ongoing basis.

To set up an appointment or for more information, email Hagit